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Heritage Healing

Wisdom, Peace, Hope for the future

Who I Am

My name is Craig VanderStoep.  When I was diagnosed with Cancer I was shocked to learn that my body was telling the story of my deepest inner struggles.  When we suffer emotionally and spiritually our biology becomes the outlet.  Because of my own healing story I began to study the profound connection between body and soul, as a result I began to heal from my deep and secret emotional suffering, and my body healed as well.

First and foremost I am a pastor,  and it is my desire to help people find their way through the dark.  As a minister I believe that God has a plan for every circumstance, I also believe that our mind and emotions are deeply connected to our bodies.  

It is my passion to walk alongside you to help you see the deeper story behind your suffering whether that comes from trauma in your past or difficulties with chronic disease, or a desire to pursue a life that you think may be impossible. 

There is a way through the dark, it would be my pleasure to help you find it.

“The wish for healing has always been half of health.”

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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